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Erika Hansen

I was born and raised in South Sioux City, Nebraska and am proud to call myself a true Husker (GBR!). I lived in Dallas, TX, for a brief portion of my 7th grade year, and when I moved back in 1987 - I was all-in with the hard rock / metal scene. 

Although we met years earlier, Tina and I solidified our friendship bond that summer over late night MTV binges, Mexican Velveeta, and hours-long Life game marathons. 

I've spent the last 15 years in the concert industry, booking shows in the Midwest, most currently in Omaha. I credit my love for 80s metal with the career path I chose, and am hugely grateful that my job is literally going to concerts every single week.

I can't live without my baby boy Keller, all things fashion, Food Network, football, puppies, road trips to Minneapolis & Dallas, and 80s metal. 


Tina Van Delden

I was born in 1975 in West Germany and lived in Kansas and Washington state before landing in South Sioux City, Nebraska at the tender age of 7 (and meeting Erika shortly thereafter). Go Huskers!

After graduating from high school in 1992 (see what I did there?) I went to the University of Southern California and majored in Print Journalism and Political Science. Go Trojans! I've been an HR professional my entire career, currently with an entertainment marketing agency in Hollywood. I frickin' love it!

I live in the San Fernando Valley, with my roomie/bestie, and 4 cats: Eleanor Copperpot & Castle (mine) and Katniss & Charlie (hers). 

I can't live without live music, theatre, escape rooms, books, Caribbean vacations, and 80s metal.


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